One of the best ways to introduce or re-introduce a brand in the market and make sure that the customers will remember it is to tell a great brand story which will grip the target market with interest. A gripping story is the best way to captivate the audience and make the brand come alive for everyone. The more interesting the story, the more relatable your brand is. And customers just love a brand they can relate to.

So what are the ways to tell a great brand story? Here are the 5 things that make a brand story a sure success and help a company attract the attention of your target market.

1.    Choose True Stories
Your brand identity should never be marred with a falsehood. If you associate one false story with your brand, your customers will lose trust and you will do irreparable damage to your organizational brand.
Make sure that the story you choose to tell, is simply – true. Tell any story that signifies what the brand is really about; just don’t craft a false story for the sake of telling one. While being creative and honest, you have a high chance of wowing your audience with your brand story.

2.    Have Relatable Characters
Choose characters which your audience will love and which are easily relatable to your brand story.  Characters they will have run across in their own experiences and lives.

3.    Connect With The Audience
Make sure that your story keeps the audience waiting for more! The next story, the sequel, and the next promo. Meet your purpose by keeping them captivated.

4.    Follow The Story Writing Rules
Start off with a strong opening to engage the audience from the start. Then proceed to discuss a problem or issue, the solution, and close with a value added message, information, brand introduction or a resolution which will keep your audience gripped for more.

5.    Flaunt Your Brand Personality
Showing off the features of your brand is the primary goal, so design a story which has the brand personality as a spotlight. It is not advisable to have a salesy story. Just infuse the personality of the brand, maybe with an element of fun, to create something unique! Make your brand story stand out from the others in the industry.

With a number of social media platforms to tell your brand story, make sure that you prepare the best to interest the audience, and have them coming back for more every time!

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