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Focus, strategy, and execution for small & medium size business executives to dramatically improve business results.

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Engage & build and amazing team to rocket your business results and massively grow your bottom line.


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As a business and executive coach, Lisa Walker helps business owners put tools and processes into place for optimizing everything from sales and marketing to human resources and business operations.

“I use a system to work on improving the business, and I work on improving the owner. They both have to happen in order for coaching to work,” says Walker. She’s so confident in her abilities that she guarantees results in 17 weeks.

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Why is Creating Workplace Diversity So Challenging?

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Drive Innovation Through a Culture of Trust

Drive Innovation Through a Culture of Trust

Drive Innovation through a Culture of Trust Countless management books, seminars and programs offer insights into how leaders can develop trust within their organizations. Their consistent theme—“It begins with you”—is certainly valid, as leaders must model trust and...

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Personal Responsibility – Everything is Your Choice

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Client Results

Working with Lisa’s been absolutely great. She comes with a wealth of ideas tied to practical, easy to implement actions to take. She’s a needle mover. You’ll probably test a few ideas and see awesome results within the first few meetings. Literally, money in your hands. No pie in the sky stuff either, just results you can grasp with both hands. For anyone considering Lisa, just get it done already, you’ll be happy you did.
~ D. Nicart, Synergy Direct Response
(Results = 244% increase in revenue, 2103% return on coaching investment)

Client Results

Coaching has been a very beneficial experience for me on many levels. I have appreciated greatly your willingness to think outside of the proverbial box when needed due to my unconventional vision for my company. I have also appreciated your willingness to work around my irritating “technician’s” schedule at times.
I contemplate and meditate on the advice and bits of business development wisdom you have imparted to me daily, which has helped to shake up my “technician” routine and reinvigorate the zeal I had let fizzle out over the years for my business. I truly needed that, so I want to thank you for giving me that gift. I look forward to keeping in touch and making you proud as my business continues to develop and grow.
Thank you so much!
~ S. Leslie, CEO, Regal Court Reporting

Client Results

I am Co-Founder of a small business that helps people and companies connect in the consumer products industry. We have been in business quite successfully in terms of our reputation but not in terms of revenue. We realized that we needed to have additional skills to move forward the business and we could not do it ourselves. In comes Lisa Walker from Action Coach.
Oh did forget to mention we are a husband and wife team. I count my lucky stars that we found Lisa Walker. She has helped us to become more focused, set priorities, and begin using the tools that a successful business needs to have. And lets remember that we are a husband and wife business. She has been the perfect coach to navigate the emotional turmoil that happens in this type of relationship.
We are now on our way to building a sustainable company that we will be able to sell in the future. Thank you Lisa.
~ M. Carrillo, Co-founder, CPG Jobs